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How to handle a tripped breaker in your home or office.

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I would like to start with a few basic tips that most home and business owners can handle before hiring a professional Electrician to come and fix a breaker that has tripped.

The first thing that you need to know is that resetting the breaker is not going to fix the issue.

Your breaker is trying to warn you that there is a problem in the electrical circuit. You could have a faulty breaker or a shorted out wire in your attic , walls or crawl space.

The sky's the limit on possible causes.

Step one: Locate things that are not working in your home or office.

After locating the areas of your home or business that no longer have power due to the breaker being tripped, unplug any devices that are plugged in.

As you are unplugging, check the devices and outlets to see if there is any damage to anything.

Step two: Make sure that none of your circuits are overloaded.

You can look for power strips that are full and look for coffee pots and microwaves on the same receptacle. Things like this will force the breaker to trip because of an overload. Most circuits in a home or office are on a 20 amp breaker, going over this limit will result in an overloaded circuit.

Now reset your breaker and see if it trips again. If the breaker trips this time you will need to contact a competent electrician to come and troubleshoot the problem for you. Results from not doing so could range from fire to your home or business to bodily injury, property damage and death.

Electrical systems can be tricky and sometimes very complex so don't be too hard on yourself if you are not able to fix the problem. Some electricians have many years of on-the-job training in order to troubleshoot and repair electrical systems.

I hope that this information is helpful to someone and if you have anymore questions comment on this page or feel free to message @

or message me through my Facebook page.

I can also be contacted by phone @ 251-525-3029

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